The Promethean Foundation

The Promethean Foundation is an alternate-universe story set in a world based on our own, but where history has diverged dramatically to create a very different timeline. Each of the great world powers has developed their own unique technological approach, based on differing -punk tropes; steampunk, dieselpunk, etc. The titular “Foundation” is a collection of characters, each from a different country and all with their own reasons for uniting under one banner. The roster comprises:

Absolon: “Locomotive” – Steampunk, of the British Imperium

Alexandra d’Olivier: “La Furia” – Clockpunk, of the Tiberian League of Free Cities

Ingrid Jaeger: “Panzer” – Dieselpunk, of the Greater German Union

Tom Spencer: “Atomizer” – Atompunk, of the United Federation of Columbia

Ace: “Mainframe” – Cyberpunk, of the Empire of the Rising Sun

“Wendigo” – Biopunk, extraterrestrial- claimed by the Confederated Soviet Commonwealth

The Promethean Foundation is a personal project that I’m creating in collaboration with fellow writer Adam Page. It’s still in the planning stages, but one of the characters (Locomotive) was introduced in Issues #4 and #5 of Professor Elemental Comics through a short, 2-part backup story entitled “Locomotive: Death by Gaslight”. La Furia was subsequently introduced in a 2-page story in the pages of Splendid Comics #0.