HaryanVCoverHaryan V

In the latter half of the 22nd Century, humanity is running out of time.

A global venture, the Sino-American Space Alliance, is funding a pioneering ‘Arkships’ project to colonise distant worlds and escape the dying Earth.

Before the Arkships can be built, however, an advance mission is sent to the most viable planet- a pristine paradise named Haryan V- to establish whether this new world is suitable for colonisation.

What the crew finds on the lush surface of Haryan V will change the course of human history.

Haryan V is a novella, written in a first-person, ‘diary’ style from the point of view of a scientist sent on a life-long mission to ascertain the viability of a distant world for colonisation. It is self-published, and available from



I have contributed short fiction to two volumes of the Sheffield-based ‘Uroborus’ journal, entitled ‘Heaven and Earth’ and ‘The Gates’.



I produced several pieces of lore fiction for the ‘Homelands‘ game-book, created by Jackal Pack Games.

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