ComixologyImageProfessor Elemental

The adventures of Steampunk’s maddest Professor, in glorious comic book technicolour! An anthology comic of short steampunk-comedy-adventure stories, featuring art by a host of incredibly talented people and contributors from across the globe (including Professor Elemental himself). Issues #1 – #3 have been released; issue #4 is out March 2015 and issue #5 will be released in November 2015. More about Professor Elemental »



The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel

The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel is an ongoing anthology of short, time travel-themed comics put together by small press titan Owen “Crazy Fox Machine” Watts, which I have contributed several stories to. More about The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel »




Hadopelagic is an ongoing science-fiction series created by myself and renowned artist Neil McClements for Aces Weekly, a digital weekly comic created and curated by David Lloyd (V for Vendetta). The story ran in issues #11 and #12 of Aces Weekly; we have plans to return to the world of Hadopelagic for future issues. More about Hadopelagic »




Brigantia is a fantasy/adventure comic series based heavily in Celtic, British and Germanic mythology. It is a personal project that I’m currently developing with artist Melissa Trender (a contributor to Professor Elemental Comics); we are working on a 6-issue limited series with the intention of pitching to publishers. More about Brigantia »


LocoThumbThe Promethean Foundation

The Promethean Foundation is another personal project created with fellow writer Adam Page; it is a comic series about a team of unlikely heroes and heroines based on various different “-punk” styles (steampunk, dieselpunk, atompunk, etc) set in an alternate timeline version of Earth. One of the characters, Locomotive, has been featured in issues #3 and #4 of Professor Elemental Comics. More about The Promethean Foundation »




I have contributed a story to Futurequake, an Eagle Award-nominated publication which has been running since 2005 and has included a host of incredibly talented creators. The story, entitled ‘Loan Sharks’ with artwork by Joe Palmer, will see publication in a 2015 issue of Futurequake.