Secrets of the Majestic

Secrets of the Majestic is an 88-page comic book anthology of stories set in, and based around, the men’s toilets of the Majestic Hotel in Harrogate. The Majestic has been the location of the Thought Bubble mid-convention party for the past few years, since the convention moved to Harrogate, and the toilets quickly became an object of wonder and delight because… well, because they’re enormous and frankly much nicer than they have any right to be.

After several years of mucking around taking pictures in the toilets, I decided the time was right to put together an anthology of stories exploring why the toilets are like that. This is the result – a collection of short stories which explore various different explanations and theories for such an opulent porcelain palace, running the gamut from horror to action to science fiction and fantasy. Here’s a list of all the creators involved (and what a list):

Kieron Gillen · Tula Lotay · Chris Wildgoose · Benjamin Æ Filby · Laura Jones · Dee Cunniffe · Jodie Troutman · Rik Worth · Jordan Collver · Owen Watts · Cecil Castelluci · Lauren Knight · Dearbhla Kelly · Dave Cook · Laura Helsby · JP Jordan · Rob Luckett · James Lawrence · Ria Grix · Sofie Dodgson · Fraser Campbell · Craig Munro · Aaron Thompson · Dan Bell · Gary Moloney · Colin Craker · Paul Carroll · Lane Lloyd · Rob Burton · Sarah Peploe · George Joy · Umar Ditta · Paul Tonner · Mark Granger · Liam ‘Pais’ Hill · Matt Hardy · Jonathan Scott · Rob Jones · Sam Chase · Aaron Eamer · David Cousens · Doug Lee · Adlai McCook · Gavin Mitchell · Asa Wheatley · Sammy Ward · Matt Simmons · Erika Price · Gareth Luby · Liana Kangas

Secrets of the Majestic was successfully funded on Kickstarter in November 2023:

The book will debut at Thought Bubble 2024, with copies available at a special exhibition at the Mercer Gallery in Harrogate and from my table throughout the convention weekend. The exhibition will have a special viewing event on the evening of Friday 15th November, 2024 where you can see some original pages and artwork from the book and meet/chat to some of the creators involved – stay tuned for more details about this!

After Thought Bubble 2024, the book will also be available in my online store.