I am a mostly self-taught musician and composer with proficiency in both electric and acoustic guitars and bass guitar; I’ve been playing for about 13 years and have spent most of those years in a variety of bands, honing my composition and group performance skills.

I take inspiration from the beauty of nature in all its forms – sunlight, snow, autumn leaves, spring rains, and of course the majestic Peak District adjacent to my home city of Sheffield, UK. Sometimes merely driving over Snake Pass on a sunny day can have me gazing at the scenery and send floods of ideas into my mind.

Northern Oak


Band website:

When I formed Northern Oak along with Daniel Loughran, Elliot Sinclair and James Harris back at the very beginning of 2006, I knew I wanted to take it further than I’d taken any of my previous projects, but I had no idea just how far we would go! During the 10-year lifespan of the band, we released three albums; Tales From Rivelin in 2007, Monuments in 2010, Of Roots and Flesh in 2014 (which was crowdfunded by our fans, friends and strangers alike) and a 3-track EP in 2015 entitled Triptych. In March 2016, we decided to bring the band to a close due to increasing real-life work commitments and time pressures; it was hard for me to let the band go, but I know our music has inspired many people and hope it will continue to in the years to come.

Notable performances:

  • Main support for Moonsorrow at Jorvik Viking Festival, 2015
  • Astral Chaos UK Tour (Nov/Dec 2013)
  • Martin Walkyier’s Viking Funeral (September 2012)
  • Bloodstock Open Air Festival (August 2011)

OverClocked ReMix

I recently fulfilled a ten-year ambition and become a posted ReMixer on with the track ‘Prime Directive‘ under the pseudonym ‘Manji’ – this has encouraged me to dive into other projects in conjunction with OCReMix, and I have completed work on a few tracks which will hopefully be featured on some upcoming OCReMix albums.

Other Projects